Saturday, November 12, 2011

Private Funding of Renewable Energy (Intro)

This tutorial provides an outline of how funding renewable energy works, getting a precise focus on further comprehensive end of the market i.e. the accurate technologies that can be deployed now and at scale. The missions to show how strategy looks and how it fits in from a funding perspective; as well as the range of other factors that need to be taken into account in doing an actual project or deal.

Extensive offers from banking institutions are now advancing or providing money into the renewable energy (RE) sector. Worldwide venture grew exponentially from $22 billion in 2002 to $155 billion in 2008 when, for the first time in RE history, investment in new RE power generation capacity including huge hydro was greater than venture in fossil fuel generation. The banking crisis in late 2008 to the first quarter 2009 did hit the sector heavily, although a bounce back was afterwards observed, where investor attention in the sector remained constant.

This tutorial covers:
• How funding commonly works;
• What the different shares of the business sector do;
• What issues financiers ponder when financing, including the role of policy and directive; and
• The trials that face those seeking financing for renewable energy developments

Certain parallel topics, such as carbon or ‘climate’ finance, including the use of public finance to influence private finance in developing countries, have not been talked in this tutorial, however, reports are available in this area.

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