Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Eco BMW Hydrogen 7 Concept Car

The BMW Hydrogen 7 Series

BMW has established as the world’s first automobile manufacturer producing a hydrogen-drive automobile that has successfully completed series of development.

The automobile is built around the existing BMW 7 series with the addition of a liquid hydrogen fuel tank. Hydrogen as a fuel is an eco-friendly, where it doesn't emit CO2 and just harmless water vapour, and oxygen O2 unlike conventional fossil fuels.
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Instead of using hydrogen to come up with electricity in an exceedingly fuel cell, the BMW Hydrogen 7 (a 7 Series sedan) burns hydrogen directly in its conventional V-12 engine. It will switch to straight gasoline at the driver’s whim. Consider it as a dual-fuel gasoline-hydrogen hybrid.

A full tank of liquid hydrogen will grant a vehicle range of approximately 125 miles.  In addition the car also supports gasoline tank and thus by adding a full tank of gasoline the car can make for another three hundred miles of interstate driving.  By placing those two together and the BMW Hydrogen 7 will drive regarding 450 miles on a full provide of fuel. Whether using an engine or fuel cell, burning hydrogen produces solely water vapor at the tailpipe.

The BMW Hydrogen 7 runs on liquid hydrogen, not gaseous hydrogen. Though happen to own access to liquid hydrogen station, you’ll still face variety of different drawbacks and obstacles. First, the BMW Hydrogen 7 features a zero-to-60 time of just about 10 seconds that is regarding 45 percent slower than a standard 7 Series with a V-12. Trunk house has been reduced in half to create way for the bulky hydrogen fuel tank.

Engine of the BMW Hydrogen 7 Series

Regarding the tank, it’s more correct to consider it as an enormous thermos, because the temperature of hydrogen must drop right down to regarding 400 degrees below zero Fahrenheit before reaching a liquid state. Thus if that temperature isn't maintained, you going to face the matter referred to as “boil off,” a method that is difficult to avoid. Further, when the automobile isn't in use for as very little as one day, the liquid hydrogen begins boiling off where half of the fuel is gone in eight days’ time. Therefore, this automobile is really more efficient on the road than in parked in an exceedingly garage.

BMW are solely producing regarding 50 Hydrogen 7 cars. Unfortunately the Hydrogen 7 isn't out there to shop for, mainly because the market is not ready for this type of powering cars.

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