Friday, December 2, 2011

Mexico’s Tequila Industry: A Renewable Solid Fuel Potential

Solid fuel made up of Agave residues can revolutionize Mexican heat and electricity production and also the tequila business. Agave briquettes and pellets are going to be created specifically for generating electricity and warmth, a substitute for this use of fuel oil.

A graduate of the university Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara Mexico, engineer Francisco X Villasenor has been researching second-generation biomass for conversion to valuable energy. He said that solid fuel are going to be made up of Agave residues in March 2011, within the 1st facility located within the Amatitan Valley, the support of the tequila.

Agave’s potential as a feedstock
The integration and use of the solid waste obtained from the Agave industrialization, changing the biomass into a solid renewable fuel from Agave, in an exceedingly briquette or pellet format.
In 2007, Carbon Diversion America Latina S.A. de C.V. (CDAL) was founded, as a quest and development company in Mexico. Its aim is to develop new paradigms for renewable energy production from the conversion of biomass in an exceedingly closed-cycle energy system.

Transformacion Carbon y Energia, S de R.L. de C.V. (TCE) is that the 1st facility to use Agave biomass as a renewable feedstock and uses technology from CDAL. The feedstock is 1st densified, then flash carbonized and torrefied to convert the biomass into a solid fuel in pellet or briquette format.
Agave is grown industrially for tequila production. However, the leftover solid residues are troublesome to dispose. TCE’s project has twin objectives: to dispose ecologically of Agave waste and convert it into a solid, renewable fuel. Disposal of Agave bagasse is currently an environmental drawback, with the leaves left over in fields with none use. The waste isn't helpful for human consumption. However, with its conversion to solid fuel, the formation and unleash of carbon dioxide and methane created within the bagasse piles also will be avoided.

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