Thursday, December 1, 2011

Morocco's Renewable Energy Determinations

While not many of us know so many things about Morocco, fo us to get a feel for Morocco's eco and green energy potential. Just merely stand beneath the sun on the blistering sands of the Sahara Desert or pay a visit to the windswept city of Essaouira, a preferred seaside resort on the Atlantic coast, which is only a couple of a hundred miles west of the storied town of Marrakech. In each place solar and wind power potentialities are quite obvious.

Thanks to its location and geography, sitting at the crossroads between Africa and Europe and therefore the Middle East. Morocco has become a middle of efforts to ramp up various energy production. One thing which will profit each Europe and therefore the energy-starved nation, that currently imports 96 percent of its energy. Morocco it's the sole North African country with no oil production of its own.

The Moroccan government, that has established a national fund for developing renewable power and energy potency, has launched a US$9 billion project that involves building 5 solar power generation sites across the country to satisfy its goal of manufacturing a pair of thousands megawatts of electricity by 2020, or what is going to be roughly twenty percent of the country's electricity consumption.

This endeavor is of specific interest to Spain, its neighbor simply across the Strait of Gibraltar. Spanish corporations, like Abengoa SA (MCE:ABG), that is already building solar facilities in Morocco, are expected to be fierce bidders for construction contracts.

That's not the sole news: The nation's largest wind farm, a a hundred and forty MW facility in Tangier, is predicted to be completed by the top of the year; Germany is currently operating with Morocco to develop a water-desalination plant and solar-powered electricity generators; and therefore the government of Japan recently announced it'll donate $7.4 million to Morocco to fund a one MW photovoltaic plant within the town of Assa-Zag.

Morocco's Center for Renewable Energies Development (CDER) says the country, that receives some 3,000 hours of sunshine per annum, will simply reach its solar energy goals. And studies by the agency concluded that Morocco additionally has the potential to come up with between four,000 and 7,000 MW of power from the wind between currently and 2020, a target that might need the maximum amount as $14 billion in investment.

With the assistance of experienced foreign green energy outfits, the country seems well for brighter future.

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  1. it's really important for morocco to solidify its renewal energy efforts